Quick Answer: Who Is DM Deepak Rawat?

What is ADM f r?



City Magistrate.

Additional District Magistrate.

The post of Additional District Magistrate has been created to assist the District Officer in his day-to-day working..

How can I get Epass for Haridwar?

Visit the official website dsclservice.org.in. Click on the link e-pass application for traveling to/from Uttarakhand. Fill the required details asked below. Choose the Pass category for the traveler.

How do I contact DM Deepat Rawat?

Deepak Rawat on Twitter: “Call me on 9458977777 in any emergency . SMS your name and address if I don’t pick , I’ll call back .”

Is Deepak Rawat married?

Family, Caste & Wife There is not much information about his parents and siblings. He met his future wife Vijeta Singh in Delhi; when he was studying in Hansraj College. Soon, they fell in love and got married to each other. They went on to have a daughter named Dirisha and a son Divyansh.

Is DM and IAS same?

The District Collector is the highest Officer of Revenue administration in the district. … A district magistrate, often abbreviated to DM, is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer who is the senior-most executive magistrate and chief in charge of the general administration of a district in India.

Who is powerful DM or IAS?

The job profile of both IAS and IPS services is very broad and both are posted on powerful posts, but IAS is much more powerful as a DM. An IPS has only the responsibility of its department, but an IAS (DM) has the responsibility of all the departments of the district.

Do all IAS become DM?

On an average, the DM posting is given to the IAS Officer for 4 to 5 years only in the whole career as an IAS Officer. Some IAS officers never get an opportunity to become a DM at their career. … A DM is only a coordinating officer for all the state government departments.

Who is the present DM of Nainital?

District MagistrateDistrictNamePhone NumbersChampawatShri Surendra Narayan Pandey, IAS05965-230275NainitalShri Savin Bansal, IAS05942-235265 05942-236305PithoragarhDr. Vijay Kumar Jogdande, IAS05964-225201Udham Singh NagarDr. Neeraj Khairwal , IAS05944-250404 05944-2423453 more rows•Jul 30, 2020

Who is the Deepak Rawat?

Deepak Rawat is known for his rebellious and stern attitude. As per Deepak Rawat wiki, IAS Deepak Rawat belongs to Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. He was born on 24 September 1977. His age is 43 years as of 2020.

Where is DM Deepak Rawat posted?

Haridwar DM Deepak Rawat has been given charge of Kumbh Mela Adhikari and Deependra Kumar Chaudhary has been named Haridwar DM. Tehri DM Sonika has been replaced with V Shanmugam and the former has been appointed as MD SIDCUL. Ranveer Singh Chauhan, the DM of Champawat, has been made commissioner of excise.

What is the rank of Deepak Rawat IAS?


How many IAS are in India?

IAS, IPS and IFoS officers are allocated cadre which is either state, a group of state or/and union territories. The total authorised strength of IAS officers is 6,500 as on January 1, 2019 and the CDR is 1,381.

How do you become a DM after 12?

To become an district Magistrate, you have to become an IAS officer. To appear in the IAS exams you have to apply for the UPSC civil services exams. So, after class 12th, complete your graduation in any stream.

How many IAS officers are there in Delhi?

Home States of IAS Officers in IndiaHome StateNo. of IAS Officers in service in IndiaDelhi211Haryana190Madhya Pradesh183Karnataka15929 more rows

Who is the DM of Haridwar 2020?

Sh. C.RavishankarDM ProfileNameDurationSh. C.RavishankarCurrent DM

Who is govt Uttarakhand?

Like other states in India, the head of state of Uttarakhand is the Governor, appointed by the President of India on the advice of the Union Government of India. His or her post is largely ceremonial….Government of Uttarakhand.ExecutiveGovernorBaby Rani MauryaChief MinisterTrivendra Singh RawatChief SecretaryOm Prakash, IASLegislature10 more rows

Can IAS use gun?

To summarise, there are no guns entitled to IAS Officers by the government. However, they can get their own licensed guns like any other Indian citizen if they wish to. … Hence, IAS Officers can keep their personal guns but not use them on duty, neither do they need to do so under any circumstances.

Who is more powerful DM or commissioner?

A DIG is at par with commissioner, a rank superior to DM. But under the new system introduced by the government, DIGs have been given charge of districts replacing senior superintendents of police (SSPs). Now DIGs will have to work under DMs who are junior to them.

Who is collector of Haridwar?

Former District CollectorsSl.No.NameFrom26.Sh. S.A. Murugeshan28.01.201727.Sh. Deepak Rawat04-05-201728.Sh. Deependra Chaudhary29-06-201929.Sh. C. Ravishankar01-02-202025 more rows

What is the salary of the IAS officer?

Rs.56,100The basic per month salary of an IAS officer starts at Rs. 56,100 (TA, DA, and HRA are extra) and can go on to reach Rs. 2,50,000 for a Cabinet Secretary. A career in the Indian Administrative Service is one of the most sought-after professions in India.