Quick Answer: What Do You Do When Your Virtual Family Is A Bit Blue?

How do you get twins on Virtual Families 2?

Multiple births In a multiple birth, the wife will be carrying two or three babies (depending on which multiple birth she has).

If your family has enough room (maximum children is 6) you may be able to get twins or triplets (for example, if you have a family with 4 kids, you can have twins, but not triplets)..

Can a child die in Virtual Families 2?

Adults are not the only ones to die: Children CAN die as well, but this is rare. Even babies can die, if a nursing mother dies.

How do you get your health up on virtual families?

How do I raise it? First of all, make sure there is food in the refrigerator. Next, if they are sick, you must cure the sickness. If their status shows that they are “Sick,” drop them several times until their action line gives you an indication of the symptom they are having.

What does a bit blue mean?

‘Blue’ can be used as an adjective which means to feel depressed, dispirited, gloomy, low or sad so if you say someone is a ‘bit blue’ they are feeling a little depressed.

Why is my virtual family always sick?

If your little people are constantly sick, one illness after another or have more than one illness at the same time, they may have an underlying infection.

What does a bit blue mean in virtual families?

A bit blue: When a character has this status, they might need a tad more attention. It is generally easy to get them happier just by praising them or giving them candy. … Depressed: If a character is neglected for too long, they will be depressed and will take more time to make them happy.

What happens when you send your kid to boarding school in Virtual Families 2?

BOARDING SCHOOL – Virtual Families 2 Click that and send your kids to boarding school! … You cannot interact with them until you can start a new generation and select your child (now adult) to start with. However, having them out of the house is a good idea, food wise or if they are extremely weak.

How do you make your virtual villagers healthy?

If you have plenty of food, you can increase a villager’s health by taking them to the granary and getting them to eat repeatedly, but each time results in only a small increase in health.

Why is my virtual family extremely weak?

After they have been sick sometimes they will be “Exhausted” depending on how serious the disease was, and other times they will be Weak, A Bit Weak, or Extremely Weak. Give them vitamins and fruit or have them drink a Chamomile Drink and it will “exhaust” them immediately and force them to go to bed.

How do you get a demon child in Virtual Families 2?

Virtual Families 2 Demon Child – Demon Child is rumor about having a cursed child. It is said that a demon child would be summoned by having the child misbehave. The child afterwards would change appearance to black hair and red eyes. He/She will then attempt to murder the family.

What do you do when your virtual family is a bit sick?

You can buy a doctor’s diagnosis if your person is very sick and you don’t know what’s wrong with them. The doctor will also say whether there is an infection in your person. You can tap the medicine onto the person that is sick and something will come up with what is wrong with the person and how you can cure them.

How do you cheer someone up on Virtual Families 2?

AnswersGive them lots of fresh fruit and yummy candy and prase them. if you scold them they soon get depressed. And make sure u store lots of fruit for when someone dies. User Info: Dobbygirl111. … Put the green glove on him and he then becomes happy. User Info: Ritajean. Ritajean – 5 years ago 2 4.