Quick Answer: Is UTS App Ticket Valid?

Do we need Print E ticket?

You wil not need to supply pages of printed e-ticket at the airport.

All you will need to do is hand your passport to the ground agent at the check in or bag drop desk, and s/he will be able to call up your booking and then print a boarding pass..

Can I travel with I ticket?

No you can not travel without original counter ticket. Because if you are booked ticket through counter then its mandatory to carry original ticket otherwise you will be fined as without ticket passenger. … One has to show original counter tickets otherwise TTE can charge full penalty.

Is monthly ticket allowed in express train?

The Railways allows only one monthly season ticket per passenger, and any such additional ticket is treated as invalid, according to the Railways website. 4. Passengers with first class season tickets are not allowed to travel in AC coaches, according to the Railways. 5.

Can we book monthly pass on UTS?

A monthly pass for the same route costs Rs. 215 and Rs. 650 respectively, and allows you to travel as many times as you want between those two stations. … Just a quick point to note before we begin, you can book a paper season ticket on the UTS app, which needs to be printed at a kiosk at the railway station.

Can we show ticket on mobile?

You can now book your railway tickets on your mobile phone and show the SMS to the travelling ticket examiner as a proof. Indian Railways has recently launched a new facility called ‘M-ticket’ that allows passengers to board a train without taking a printout of the booked ticket — the SMS is proof enough.

How many tickets can be booked in UTS?

An user can buy only four tickets and four platform tickets at a time. The UTS app enables a registered user to also buy monthly passes. The commuter has to be within a 5 km range of the source station to be able to buy a ticket through the UTS app.

Can we travel in 2s with general ticket?

Approach TTE. If accommodation is available in 2S, he will allot seat number duly collecting reservation charges. If no accommodation is available in 2S, one can’t board a reserved compartment with general ticket. General ticket authorises travel only in unreserved (general) compartment.

Can we book railway pass online?

Ticket booking on pass may also be done online on IRCTC site apart from the earlier facility of counter booking from PRS/UTS counter. Here’s everything you need to know about Pass booking: ‘Pass Booking’ is available under ‘TRAINS’ menu at IRCTC e-ticketing website and Rail Connect Mobile App.

How much time UTS ticket is valid?

two hoursHow long will my paperless platform ticket be valid? According to Railway rules platform ticket is valid for two hours from the time of booking.

How can I watch my UTS ticket offline?

Show Ticket The passenger should start the journey within one hour after booking the ticket. i. Whenever TTE/TC asks for the journey ticket, the passenger can select “show ticket” option in the app and show the ticket. There is an option to display QRcode on the mobile screen.

Can I travel without a printout of e ticket?

All that you have to show is the SMS you have received as acknowledgement of purchase of a ticket from the IRCTC on your mobile phone to the ticket examiner on the train. … In case one is carrying a laptop, showing the e-mailed ticket will be sufficient proof.

Is UTS season ticket valid for return journey?

(iv) Validity :Season tickets are not valid for travel in reserved coaches and trains. They are valid for travel by Passenger trains. … (v) Renewal :Season ticket can be renewed 10 days in advance of the date of expiry. In such cases, it will be made valid only after the date of expiry and not from the date of renewal.