Quick Answer: Is Mild Mannered A Compliment?

What does mild tempered mean?


Having the ability to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering.



What is well mannered?

formal. : having good manners : polite a well-mannered child.

Is mild mannered a good thing?

Maybe you’d be better off using the adjective “mild-mannered,” which does have a positive connotation as it approvingly describes one as being gentle, kind, and polite. The issue with using it as a recommendation is that it often seems like a permanent trait rather than a cultivated one.

What is a mild mannered person?

A mild-mannered person is gentle and does not show extreme emotions: a mild-mannered philosophy professor.

What is the opposite of mild mannered?

turbulent, intense, sharp, wild, unhappy, immoderate, discordant, stormy, rude, disagreeable, loud, troubling, fierce, strong, unpleasant, ungracious, Roused, hard, cool, bothersome, flappable, unacceptable, sad, bitter, violent, repulsive, rough, unkind, severe, bad, boring, unfriendly, uncontrolled, mean, offensive, …

What is the meaning of mannered?

1 : having manners of a specified kind well-mannered. 2a : having or displaying a particular manner. b : having an artificial or stilted character passages …