Quick Answer: Are The Wightlink Ferries Running?

What is the cheapest ferry to Isle of Wight?

How can I save money on foot passenger fares to the Isle of Wight?Ranking (cheapest first)CrossingReturn ticket price1Portsmouth to Ryde Pierhead£13.402Portsmouth to Ryde Pierhead£13.803Southsea to Ryde£14.504Southampton to East Cowes​£15.558 more rows.

Is Yarmouth ferry running?

The Lymington Yarmouth ferry route connects England with Isle of Wight. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Wightlink. The crossing operates up to 12 times each day with sailing durations from around 40 minutes.

How much is the ferry to Isle of Wight from Southampton?

Passenger Fares to the Isle of WightSouthampton to East Cowes (Passenger vehicle ferry service)Senior (60+)Adult (16-59)Single trip£6.60£10.40Standard Day Return£12.20£19.00Off-Peak Day Return *£12.20£18.10Super Off-Peak Day Return **£10.603 more rows•Jan 2, 2018

Are ferries running today to Isle of Wight?

The Government recently announced a ‘stay at home’ lockdown, so you should not travel for anything other than essential reasons. … Our ferries will continue to serve the Isle of Wight, carrying freight and customers who need to travel for essential reasons.

Is Ryde catamaran running?

About. Our Ryde Pier Head – Portsmouth Harbour route is currently suspended until further notice. … There are Island Line trains running directly to and from our Ryde Pier Head Port. This is our quickest crossing for foot passengers, with a journey time of 22 minutes.

Can I drive to Isle of Wight?

Car Travel If you’re driving to the Isle of Wight by car, then you need travel no further than the ports at Southampton, Portsmouth or Lymington in the New Forest and you are then just a short sea crossing from the Isle of Wight. … Use Southampton, Lymington or Portsmouth as your destination to work out your travel time.

How much is the ferry to Isle of Wight?

How much is the ferry to Isle of Wight?RoutePricePortsmouth – Fishbourne (Wightlink)£223Lymington – Yarmouth (Wightlink)£206Southampton – East Cowes (Red Funnel)£200

Is Red Funnel running?

Red Jet Service Status Our Red Jet service usually departs every 30-60 minutes from our West Cowes and Southampton terminals, however we are currently running to a limited timetable.

How long is the ferry to Isle of Wight?

45 minutesThe crossing takes 45 minutes, and the facilities on board include comfortable lounges, an observation deck and a café-bar serving refreshments. The spacious Wightlink ferry can carry vehicles and foot passengers.

Is Isle of Wight expensive?

The Island ranked the 3rd most affordable, whilst nearby Bournemouth ranked in the top 5 most expensive places along with London, Leeds and Edinburgh. A shopping basket full of the most common shopping items costs families on the Isle of Wight, on average, £42.83 per week.

Our H-R FastCat service is currently suspended because very few customers are using them during Tier 4 lockdown. … Customers with Wightlink tickets and passes now have no need to book in advance.

Are ferries running from Southampton to Isle of Wight?

We are proud to offer our customers award-winning ferry travel to the Isle of Wight. If you’re looking to take a UK break somewhere beautiful, we’ll sail you from Southampton to the Isle of Wight in under an hour with a vehicle, or 25 minutes if you’re travelling as a foot passenger.

Are there any ferries to the Isle of Wight?

Isle of Wight Ferry – Vehicle Information The Isle of Wight Car Ferry is by far the most popular way for a family to travel to the island and there are three different ports from which to travel from.

Do you need ID for Isle of Wight ferry?

Some of our discounted fares – such as our Multilink Passes, require photo ID so some customers use their driving licence or passport. However, individual bookings or tickets do not require ID for travelling to the Isle of Wight – just have your e-ticket or booking number to hand.

Is the Lymington to Yarmouth ferry running?

Our Lymington-Yarmouth car ferry route is currently operating a weekday-only service. This route gives you both breath-taking views and the utmost convenience. It’s the fastest way to take your vehicle across the Solent, with crossing times of just 40 minutes on one of our spacious, well-equipped ferries.