Question: Is Doing The Splits Bad For You?

Can you force yourself to do the splits?

Plus, being able to do splits is a fitness milestone of sorts.

But before you go from zero to splits, know that it’s going to take some time to get there.

“The way you’re going to gain flexibility is practicing,” says Reed.

Definitely don’t force it in the meantime..

Why do middle splits hurt so much?

So many people struggle with this very intense, emotional stretch. The problem comes from tight, stressed out inner thighs and hip flexors. … The only way to make middle splits better is to help those hip flexors/adductors feel safe so they stop screaming.

Can doing the splits cause damage?

As well as loosening the ligaments that protect your dancers hips and knees, which by the way once done cant be undone, In an over-split, you are pressing the femur bone into the acetabula at a damaging angle and with that much push you can injure the labrum which can create a tear in the cartilage of the hips.

Is forcing a split bad?

Forcing a split to go down without a proper assessment behind it, pushing oversplits when the gymnast isn’t even close to a full split on the floor, or blindly pushing someone down just to be tough, is most definitely dangerous.

How do you do the splits safely?

How to Safely Learn the SplitsPlace one foot in front into a lunge, keeping your toes pointed forward and your knee above your ankle. The other leg will be straight behind you, with your kneecap and top of your foot pointed downward. … Sit back on your back heel. … Come back up to your starting lunge.

What stretches help you do the splits?

One of Brueckner’s favorite stretches to prep for the splits is a yoga move called Half Pigeon Pose that helps open the hips and increase mobility.Start in Downward-Facing Dog. … Straighten the left leg back.Check that the right knee is in line with your right hip. … Walk your hands forward.More items…•