Question: How Do I Unsuspend My Free Fire Account?

What do I do if my free fire account is suspended?

Free Fire account suspended fixGo to the official website for customer support of Garena on your phone.Click on “email us now” to contact customer support.Give a detailed description for your issue.Submit your report and wait for a reply from customer support..

What does AFK means in free fire?

away from keyboardAfk is an abbreviation for away from keyboard.

How do I contact Garena?

Here are the domains Garena may contact you (LOL PH Events) (Garena Esports) (Customer Support) (Customer Support)

Is Garena free fire banned?

Free Fire is not banned in India and users are just facing some sort of server issue or game bug.

How do you get rid of AFK ban on free fire?

CS Rank AFKCRITERIA. If you disconnect from Free Fire and successfully reconnect WITHIN 120 seconds, there will be no penalty. … CONSEQUENCE. When your account is marked with 3 or more AFK counts, an AFK Warning Mail will be sent to you. … SOLUTION.

How do I recover my free fire account on Facebook?

Facebook Account Deactivated/Disabled For deactivated Facebook accounts, you can activate it by simply login into your Facebook account. For Deleted accounts, sadly there is no option to retrieve it once deleted. Detailed instructions can be found in their Help Center.

What is serious AFK Behaviour in free fire?

It means that the players who will leave the game too often after starting it will be banned from the Clash Squad-Ranked mode. This new feature is added in the latest patch update, where the developers have considered the feedback given by the users to improve the Ranked Mode.

How do I sell my free fire account?

To sell your Free Fire account, simply follow these steps:Register as a seller at PlayerAuctions.Create an offer for the Free Fire account you intend to sell.Once a buyer selects your offer, upload the account details to PlayerAuctions so that we can send it to the buyer.More items…

How can I get free fire ID?

Step 1: Open Free Fire and click on the profile banner present on the top-left corner of the main menu. Step 2: The profile of the player opens up. Step 3: You would then be able to find your Free Fire ID below the username. If you want to copy the ID, you can simply click on the ‘Copy’ button beside it.

How do you hack free fire diamonds 99999?

How to hack free fire diamonds 99999Visit website, filling your Free Fire user name and device.After that, you will see different options of Free Fire coins and diamond show up. … You will need the platform to process the request. … After your request is recorded, you will need to complete some missions to get the redeem code for free Diamond.More items…•

How do I get my free fire account back?

In case the Free Fire account was created with Facebook, and you have lost the access to it, you can easily recover it it back by changing the password. You can read more about it on the Facebook help center. The transfer of lost account is only possible in the case of a permanently deactivated account.